Our Services

SMG Is a Full-Service Risk Mitigation Company
SMG is comprised of former Federal and State law enforcement officers as well as former and current Federal security contractors. SMG’s strategic partners are leading experts in their fields of security, compliance, and risk management.
  • Risk Assessment

    The risk assessment process is the equivalent of an annual physical checkup. The process measures your vulnerabilities and prescribes solutions to weak or missing controls.
  • Cyber Security

    Comprehensive and Customized Threat Prevention and Mitigation.
  • Financial Security

    Your financial assets are generally the most attractive target you have. They are at risk physically and digitally - from inside and out.
  • Physical Security

    Develop a Physical Security Strategy for your Business, School, or Organization that will increase situational awareness, threat prevention, and overall safety for people and property.
  • Crisis Management

    Managing a crisis situation takes planning, preparation, personnel, and resources - before the incident occurs. Make sure your organization is ready.
  • Compliance

    Compliance requirements, whether regulatory or industry established, represent the rules and standards of business.
  • Internal Controls

    Internal controls are your front line of defense against fraud and abuse. But each control has a shelf-life that is limited to the time it takes for someone to circumvent the control.
  • Corporate Culture

    A strong corporate culture helps ensure compliance with the goals and objectives of management - and it can be your most effective weapon against fraud.
  • Background Investigations

    Effective background investigations help build a talented and qualified workforce while creating a barrier to those who would commit fraud.
  • Investigations

    The investigative process creates knowledge and understanding of thefts, frauds, and sabotage. The process also creates opportunities for learning and improvement.
  • Due Diligence

    Whether you are buying or selling a business, the due diligence process helps preserve your asking price or justify your purchase price.